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This 12v a/c waterproof transformer is for use with 12v Garden Lights with a maximum overall wattage of 50w. With a 3 pin UK plug attached to 1m of 3 core rubber waterproof cable it plugs into a 240v AC mains system then converts the current to 12v AC output through the transformer. The transformers are supplied complete with 0.6m of 2 core output cable, which connects to the transformer with a 2 pin plug. Making garden lighting easy.

This outdoor transformer is suitable for all lights designed for 12v Halogen bulbs. Please note the output is A/C and therefore not suitable for some 12v LED systems. The majority of LED lamps will work with this transformer.

Input: 230v - 240v - 50Hz
Output: 12v AC 4160mA 50VA
Wattage: 50 watt
Input Cable: 3 core rubber waterproof 1m with 3 pin UK Plug
Output Cable: 2 core rubber waterproof 0.6m (detachable)
IP Rating: IP68 (suitable for outdoor use - DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER)
Dimensions: 62mm (W) x 92mm (L) x 70mm (H) Fixing centres 48mm (W) x 82mm (L)
Additional Info: Thermal cut out (protects against power overload) / CE Certified. BS EN61558

Item Specifications

watts: 150 Watt, 100 Watt, 20 Watt, 50 Watt, 10 Watt
Output cable: 0.6M, 1.0m, 3.0M, 5.0M