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The LT-LED18W350-240v is an 18w IP67 Constant Current LED lighting power supply 1 - 10v Dimming Control with an output rated current as 350mA.

Drives up to 12x 1w LEDs. Power losses up to 40% of total power saved by Constant Current Operation.

The input voltage is 240VAC . Frequency 0/50 Hz.

Compliance to EN55015;

Safety standard deisgned to meet EN61347-2-13

Ideal for our range of Made to order Light Fittings.

               WIRE IN SERIES

Item Specifications

Weight: 300 grams
Materials: aluminium
Dimensions: 30.5mm x 49mm x 133mm
Efficiency (TYP): 85% at Max Load
Input Voltage: 240VAC
Input Frequency: 0/50Hz
Input Current: 0.1a (240VAC)
Output Voltage : 48v Max Load. 4-12 1w LEDs (0.35A) connected serially
Output Rated Current: With no dimming 0.315-0.385A DC, 1-10v Dimming 0.05-0.385A DC
Output Power: 0.9 Minimum at Max Load
Safety: EN 61347-2-13
EMC (RFI): FCC Class A/EN 55015
Harmonics: EN61000-3-2
Electrostatic Discharge: IEC61000-4-2
EMC Immunity: IEC61000-4-3
Burst: IEC61000-4-4
Surge: IEC61000-4-5
Injected RF: IEC61000-4-6
Mains interruption: IEC61000-4-11
Immunity: EN 61547/61047
Dimmimg Control: 1-10VDC max2mA/10v DIM.