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This highly effective 12V LED capsule emits a very bright 360° cool white light; one of the most vivid of it's kind to be found on the market today. This omnidirectional 4.2W LED capsule uses 18 LED pads, located evenly around and on top of the capsule to provide 230 lumens of even light. It is ideal for replacing 12V halogen G4's in 12 volt garden lights, lasting a lot longer and reducing the amount of energy consumed, in turn saving money on both maintenence and electricity bills.

Lumena G4 LED's are one of the brightest G4 LED's available on the market today. They are very versatile and voltage tolerant. They will work on an 12v A/C transformer or a DC transformer. They are ideal for use where a long run of cable is used which can result in a voltage drop. They will work on an A/C or DC voltage as low as 9v without a significant drop in lumen ( brightness) output.

They are available in cool white ( this one ) or in warm white.

Lamp: LED
Voltage: 12v **
Wattage: 4.2W
Lumen Output: 230 Lumens
Colour: Cool White (4500K)
Cap: G4 - 2 x round pins (4mm apart)
Average Life: 30,000 hours
Halogen Equivalent: 25W
Dimensions: 36mm x 18mm
Not to be used with 240v power supply**

**Minimum voltage tolerated by capsule: AC - 9V , DC - 9V

**Maximum voltage tolerated by capsule: AC - 18V, DC - 28V