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PAR 20, 75w, E27, 24 degree

Par lamps have been around for years now and are perfect for outdoor use. They are instant strike and warm in colour. The draw back is they are not very energy efficient.

It will take you longer to find your favorite halogen par lamps in the future due to elements of the energy crisis and all inificient lamps will slowly be fazed out of circulation.

The future is looking dim,  for PAR lamps of all shapes and sizes.

There are compact fluorescent replacements available but they are slow to strike up and are not fully dimmable. The next best and future proofed option is a LED par lamp replacement although prices for these are still quite high, but as demand grows and production methods improve the price will come down. LED par lamps will also have a choice of beam angle, colour and be dimmable

Product benefits
  • Brilliant accent light
  • With whole glass reflector for brilliant lighting effects
  • Instant 100 % light, no warm-up time
  • Approved for use in open luminaires (to IEC 60598-1)
  • Contains no mercury, can be thrown away with normal household waste
  • UV filter

Areas of application
  • General illumination
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Dining table lighting
  • Object lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Shops
  • Restaurants, hotels and similar prestigious applications
  • Exterior lighting

Item Specifications

Lamp base: E27
Weight: 0.1
Voltage: 230 Volt
Height: 8.2 cm
Lumens: .
diameter: 6.5
watts: 75 Watt
lamp life: 1500 hours
colour temperature: .