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This is our latest COB spotlight offering massive output (equivalent to a 50-60w). COB stands for Chip-on-Board which is a much newer technology than individual SMD chips. This superior COB LED solution and purity aluminium radiator material helps the luminous efficacy high to 85Lm/W. It is designed in excellent thermal management in conjoint structure by forging and stamping technology which should insure the longevity of your lamps for years to come.

Other advantages over older styles lamps is the increased CRI values. These lamps have been designed with the warmer 2700K COB's to replicate a true halogen lamp, offering higher CRI values than any lamp we have ever tested.

Under normal circumstances, so long as the minimum load is exceeded, dimming mains voltage LED lamps is not an issue.

The brightest 6W LED GU10 on the market.