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LED 10-12 power supply in IP65 enclosure - Black - 12 v dc - 10w

The T9201ENC surface-mount 12v weatherproof power supply is mounted into a black polycarbonate boxes, for mounting on a walls or post hidden behind planting and landscape features, under decking or in outbuildings, T9599 Stainless steel spikes are optional.


potted power supply mounted into a black polycarbonate box

Input voltage
240v input

For surface mounting: Using a slotted screwdriver, rotate each of the 4 quarter-turn corner fixings 90 degrees to the “0” position and remove the lid to reveal the fixing slots in each corner. Secure the transformer to a wall or post with 5mm screws in each corner, or attach to optional transformer mounting stakes. Install the transformer on a wall or post approx. 30cm above ground.

Item Specifications

colour: black
Voltage: 12V dc
IP rating: IP 67
Materials: Potted power supply mounted into a black polycarbonate box
Dimensions: L 112mm W 112mm D 67mm
watts: 12w
Options: Potted power supply in black polycarbonate box, Ground burial supply with resin pack, installation in an enclosure of the installer's choice.