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This outdoor fitting is made from die cast aluminium and is IP54 rated. It has a matt silver finish complete with a opal glass diffuser

  • Complete with fixing accessories
  • Complete with built in Photocell
  • 60 lux on, 120 lux off
  • Textured grey paint & opal pc
  • Constructed from die cast aluminium alloy & polycarbonate
  • Complete with magnetic ballast
  • 26W G24d-3 PLC 2 pin (Included) - Compact Fluorescent
  • K: 2700 Lm: 1600 Lm/W: 62
  • Warm white
  • IP54
  • Proj: 85mm H: 300mm W: 185mm
  • Class 1
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Weight: 2.38 Kg

Lamp colour ( Kelvins )

The colour of a lamp is defined as a measurement called kelvins. A standard GLS light bulb in your house would be 2,700 kelvins which is in the warm colour spectrum and a lamp with 6,000 kelvins would be at the very cold white spectrum. Getting the right colour temperature of a lamp does matter as the warm colour wavelength helps to soften skin tones and gives a warm soft relaxed feel and at the other end of the scale a 4,000 to 6,000 kelvin lamp colour  would be used in offices or a fast food restaurants to make you feel less comfortable and relaxed and more alert. There‚Äôs nothing that can sour your opinion of a compact fluorescent  or LED lamp like buying a 4000K or 5000K bulb when you meant to buy a 2700K bulb, or vice-versa. When you buy a new, energy efficient bulb, keep your application and colour scheme in mind and make sure to buy the bulb with a colour temperature to match.