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Versatile spotlights available in a high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel option. This 'pole' spike light has a stylish and modern look and feel and is available in either 12v (MR16) or 240v (GU10) bulb options to suit all requirements. The two 60mm diameter tubular spotlights are totally and individually adjustable. The spot beams can be directed in any direction; up,down, left or right to highlight low planting and higher features such as garden statues at the same time, or both in the same direction to create a stronger light beam; whichever way you prefer!  The long poles have a 45° cut at the base to form a spike. The cable exit is situated 400mm from the base. It is possible to shorten the poles simply by cutting with a metal hacksaw to the required length and then re-cutting the 45° cut.

Example of how to load a transformer

Lamp colour ( Kelvins )

Lamp colour is determined by the Kelvins and a lamp which is  2,700 kelvins  is classed as warm white and is sympathetic to skin tones and warm brickwork. A lamp with a kelvin of 6500 is in the  cold blueish white spectrum and works well against a white background and will appear brighter to the naked eye than the warmer colour spectrum. 

Light output ( Lumens )

All lamps have a lumen number and the higher the lumen number the brighter the lamp, however colour of the lamp (kelvins ) also comes in to play here as a whiter lamp at 6,000 kelvins and above would always appear brighter to the naked eye than a warmer colour lamp at the 2,700 kelvins light spectrum even if it has the same lumen output.  A halogen 150w R7 lamp that is used in a standard garden security flood light would produce around 2,300 lumen's and a 26w compact fluorescent would produce around 1,800 lumen's.  Placing lights closer to the item to be illuminated is a good way of using a lower lumen lamp rather than trying to flood light a big area.

Environmental impact

Care should be taken for the environment and local wildlife to maintain the ecological balance. Insects, bats, wildlife can all be effected by  light pollution. The warmer colour spectrum of  ( 2,700 Kelvins ) does not interfere with insects and general wildlife as much as the blue colour spectrum of light around 6,000 kelvins which can disrupt their normal night time activity. This also applies to bats where a anti glare light fittings works better as well as reducing the overall light pollution in the area. You must also be mindful of your neighbours and the effect your lighting can have on them and shining a 500w tungsten halogen flood light in to their windows at night will cause them distress. Try to keep the light in a downward position and local to the items you want to illuminate and even if you want to illuminate tall trees it can be done in a sympathetic way by placing a ground buried or surface spike flood light directly under the trees to illuminate the canopy. Some light fittings also have a anti glare shield fitted to reduce light pollution.

IP Rating

All the luminaries on our web site have been specifically designed fit for purpose and assigned a relevant IP rating which denotes the amount of protection that is required from water and dust. More information on IP ratings can be found in the design ideas section on this web site.

Item Specifications

colour: stainless steel, black, Satin Silver, Natural Copper
Voltage: 12 Volt, 220 - 240v
Max wattage: 50w 5w LED Recommended
IP rating: IP 65
Materials: Black Anodised Aluminium
Length: 1000mm
Product Type: 3mm Thick Anodised Aluminium Body
Lamp Watts: 2 x MR16 (12v)
addional information: Tempered Glass Diffusers
cabling: 2 Core (12v) 0.75mm² H05RN-F 2.0m