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E4012B screw-on tree mount converts E4131 Elipta Compact Spike Spotlight as an adjustable 12v tree mounted spotlight typically used for moonlighting and downlighting from trees, typically with a 20w 60° halogen lamp or an MR16 l.e.d. module with a spread lens fitted. Elipta Compact spotlight with screw-on tree mount can be strapped to branches too small for the strap-on mount system with two ordinary tree straps (not supplied). Buy E4131 Elipta Compact Spike Spotlight separately

Powder coated black

Powder coated aluminium

Unscrew spike mount from E4711 spike spotlight and fit it onto the centre bush of the E4012B tree strap-on tree mount: tighten the lock nut against the hollow threaded section of the spike spotlight to secure it's position, especially if not being used to light straight downwards.

There is space inside the spotlight body to fit a 58mm honeycomb glare louvre or a clip-on MR16 spread lens or Moonlighting (pale blue) colour filter accessory onto the front of the lamp.