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Our Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights have become one of the bestselling solar fairy lights brands in the UK! Our new and improved design includes an amorphous solar panel which gives even better dull weather performance, we’ve redesigned the solar panel pack to significantly enhance waterproofing AND we’ve dropped the price!

The days of having to run electricity out to your garden to enjoy decorative lighting are gone! Our updated Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights can be installed anywhere in your garden quickly and easily. Simply drape your lights, place your solar panel, turn them on and wait until dark!

Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights can be installed in a matter of minutes by using the 2 simple mounts that come with your lights. The flat mount gives you the option
to fix the solar panel to fences, walls, decking or roofs. The stake gives you the option to place your solar panel in your lawn, flower bed or plant pots.

Blingstring’s are completely solar powered. During the day the suns rays are absorbed by the Blingstring’s Solar Panel which charges the rechargeable AA batteries included with your lights. After dark the AA rechargeable batteries power the lights for up to 12 hours before charging up again the following day. Blingstring’s are fully weather resistant and use the same amount of power as a typical TV remote control making them safe to use outside in all weather conditions.

Redesigned for 2014!
Now includes amorphous solar panel for superior dull weather performance
Now with detachable string!
200 Superbright white LED bulbs on a 20 metre string
Blingstrings are solar powered so you can put them anywhere!
Blingstring Solar Fairy Lights can work for up to 12 hours a night
Turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically at dawn
On/off switch too so you can turn them off whenever you want
2 lighting modes - all the bulbs constantly on, or all bulbs flashing
Blingstrings can be installed in minutes - no DIY skills required
Wall mount and stake mount supplied
Low voltage, safe to use year round outdoors
Weight 0.84 Kg
Full 1 year guarantee as standard