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Brick light, LED, Mains 240v, 1.6w, 3,000 kelvin, warm white, 105 lumen's, IP54

   Colour temperature chart


Light output ( Lumen's )

The amount of light that is produced by a lamp is called lumen's and the more lumen's the lamp has the brighter it will be. Lumen's work in conjunction with kelvins and should not be taken in isolation of each other, for example if you had a very warm white lamp at 2,700 kelvins and it produced 300 lumen's and you then had another lamp which was a cool white 6,000 kelvins which also produced 300 lumen's the cooler lamp colour would always appear brighter to the naked eye than the warmer one this is due to the receptorsin the eye that react better to a white light spectrum. Another factor on how bright a light may appear is contrast so if you shine a white 6,000 kelvin light on to a dark wall and a warm 2,700 kelvin lamp on to a white wall the warmer lamp would appear brighter due to the contrast of the material it is focused on. So when choosing a lamp always take in to account the area you want to illuminate and think about Kelvins ( colour ),  Lumen's ( brightness) and contrast  ( colour of area ) 

Environmental impact

Care should be taken for the environment and local wildlife to maintain the ecological balance. Insects, bats, wildlife can all be effected by light pollution. The warmer colour spectrum of ( 2,700 Kelvins ) does not interfere with insects and general wildlife as muchas the blue colour spectrum of light around 6,000 kelvins which can disrupt their normal night time activity. This also applies to bats where a anti glare light fittings works better as well as reducing the overall light pollution in the area. You must also be mindful of your neighbours and the effect your lighting can have on them and shining a 500w tungsten halogen flood light in to their windows at night will cause them distress. Try to keep the light in a downward position and local to the items you want to illuminate and even if you want to illuminate tall trees it can be done in a sympathetic way by placing a ground buried or surface spike flood light directly under the trees to illuminate the canopy. Some light fittings also have a anti glare shield fitted to reduce light pollution.


Low maintenance costs   
Energy efficient product   
LED's with cool running temperature   
Low energy consumption, high light output   
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use   
Extremely low profile design is discreet and attractive   
Lamp included   
Complete with fixing accessories   
Brushed stainless & frosted plastic   
Constructed from stainless steel & plastic
Including built-in LED driver
The fitting pot is included in the delivery

Item Specifications

colour: stainless steel
Lamp description: 24 LED's
Cut out: 16 x 10 cm
Installation depth: 9 cm
Weight: 1.090 kg
Voltage: 230 Volt
IP rating: IP 54
Materials: stainless steel 304 / glass
Width: 16.5 cm
Height: 10.5 cm
Depth: 7.5 cm
watts: 1.6w
colour temperature: 6500 Kelvin, 3000 Kelvin