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  • The Curve detects motion presence after dark and will illuminate 16 natural white LED bulbs before turning off automatically 30 seconds after motion stops. The Curve's elegant yet contemporary design makes it suitable for locations old and new and is designed to work reliably through out the year.
  • Powerful 50 watt equivalent 16 LED bulb solar outdoor light, waterproof and heatproof
  • Activates bright light when motion is detected.
  • Solar Panel is built into the top of the unit so no cables, easy to fit in minutes.
  • Modern, stylish and simple design. Solar panel life span: up to 10 years - LED Life Span - 50,000 hours



Q Does the curve solar motion light have a movement sensor built in?

A Yes, the PIR is mounted under the lip at the front to detect motion.


Q How deep is the light from the wall plate to front edge? and how wide an area does it

illuminate and how long does it stay on for when triggered?

A The Curve is 130mm deep. It illuminates an area of up to 10m sq metres and stays on for 30 seconds when triggered - It will stay on for as long as there's motion.


Q Will it come on every time a car goes past.? The road is about 20feet away from garage.

A It won't pick up motion that far away. The max distance is approx 4m, this varies a little depending on the height the light is installed.