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Doron, down light only, IP44, 35w Mains GU10

If you are looking for a very minimalist small clean lined light fitting then this is the one for you. The Doron is a IP44 rated exterior down light in silver. To be used with mains GU10 LED lamps. Simple in design which can take a variety of lamp beam angles and colours to add effect on a wall.  There is also the Doron twin up and down light to complement the down light only fitting code. 13915

There is a wide selection of beam angles are available for the lamps to create the effect you require and can be used with the very latest LED lamps to help reduce maintenance cost's and energy bills.

LED energy saving example



Please ensure that you use a PART P, NIC EIC electrical contractor to install your exterior lighting.

Care must be taken when installing exterior lighting products. All the products are sold and tested fit for purpose and the IP rating is set according to the design and purpose of the luminaire, more details on IP ratings can be found under design ideas section. 

Lamp colour ( Kelvins )

Lamp colour is determined by the Kelvins and a lamp which is 2700 kelvin is classed as warm white and sympathetic to skin tones and warm brickwork. A kelvin of 6500k is in the  blueish white spectrum and works well against a white background and will appear brighter to the naked eye than the warm colour spectrum.


Light output ( Lumen's )

All lamps have a lumen number and the higher the lumen number the brighter the lamp, however colour of the lamp (kelvins ) also comes in to play here as a whiter lamp at 6,000 kelvins and above would always appear brighter to the naked eye than a warmer colour lamp at the 2,700 kelvins light spectrum even if it has the same lumen output. In most cases we recommend the use of warm white LED bulbs with downlight and with a 36 degree medium beam to give a nice narrow beam of light to wall wash the area below the fitting.

Environmental impact

Care should be taken for local wildlife, insects, and general light pollution,  this means the warmer colour spectrum does not interfere with insects and general wildlife as much as the blue spectrum of light which can disrupt their  normal night time activity, This also applies to bats where a anti glare light fitting works better as well as reducing overall light pollution in the area.



Smooth easy clean lines
GU10 mains 240v
Compact design
  Complete with fixing accessories
Brushed & clear
Constructed from die cast aluminium & glass

Item Specifications

colour: aluminium brushed
Lamp description: 2 x GU10 LED, 1 x GU10 LED
Weight: 0.464 Kg
Voltage: 220 - 240v
IP rating: 44
Materials: Constructed from die cast aluminium alloy & glass
Suggested lamp: LED GU10
Finish: Brushed alloy & clear glass
Dimensions: 80mm height x 98mm projection x 67mm width
Dimmable: Dimmable
Bulb Type: GU10
Guarantee: 2 years
additional information: Complete with fixing accessories