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E4982 Elipta Compact twin wall spotlights are 240v models for twin 50w GU10 halogen reflector lamps as well as energy saving led modules and low energy compact fluorescent lamps (order lamps separately). MR16 clip-on honeycomb glare louvre, colour filter, or spread lens is optional. It has flush lenses which shed water and dirt and are easy to clean. Unscrewing the front bezel makes it easy to extract and change the lamp without tools. Compact twin wall spotlights are ideal for mounting above french windows with twin 20w halogen lamps or 7w compact fluorescent lamps to provide threshold lighting or downlighting patio areas from house walls with 2 x 35w halogen lamps or 9w compact fluorescent lamps from 3 metres and 2 x 50w lamps or 11w compact fluorescent lamps from 5 metres above ground. Compact wall spotlights may be dimmed with a standard wall dimmer switch if fitted with halogen lamps or dimmable 11w compact fluorescent lamp.

Matt silver powder-coated aluminium

IP rating

Solid metal spotlight bodies mount onto a central boss and gasketed back plate which incorporates terminal block connection space. Knuckle joints allow spotlamp adjustment in any combination of downward, upward or outward directions. The central boss revolves on the back plate and is secured by grub screws at the side for inconspicuous fixing combined with adjustable positioning.

Input voltage

Lamp type
GU10 240v halogen reflector lamps; Elipta GU10 led modules; Elipta & Megaman compact fluorescent lamps 7-11w (order separately)

Back plate screws to wall: body mounts onto the back plate with discrete allen key grub screws at the side of the body for screwless frontal appearance. Body can be rotated on back plate before fully tightening grub screws to ensure fitting is installed level, or at any other angle required. Grommeted rear cable entry. Silicon seal back plate fixings.

There is space inside the spotlight body to fit a E4010 58mm honeycomb glare louvre or a clip-on MR16 spread lens, frosted lens or colour filter accessory onto the front of the lamp.