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Unlike large solar panel systems that can take many years to pay for themselves, our Geo Mains Free Solar Lighting delivers instant savings. Installing a mains lighting supply to remote locations isn't always possible and is often highly expensive when it is.

Our Geo kits can be installed by anyone with basic DIY skills and are exempt from Part P of the building regulations which means there is no need to pay an electrician to have your kit installed and certified.

The Geo 4 - Mains Free Solar Lighting & Power Kit is ideally suited to be used with a 104Ah car / caravan battery.

How does it work?

The solar panel within this kit will generate electicity from the sun, into a connected 12v battery. This battery then stores the power ready for use when required. Connected to the battery via a simple circuit are the 12v light bulbs, with a switch situated between them and the battery. Once the switch is turned on the circuit is complete and charge from the battery will power your 12v lightbulbs.

Geo 4 Applications

The Geo 4 will light an area of 64 square metres making it ideal for small halls, large sheds, stables, garages, outhouses. As well as providing you with lighting, you can use the charge stored in the battery for powering a variety of small electronic devices simply by adding an inverter.

What You Get

  • 1 x 30 Watt Solar Panel
  • 1 x 4Ah Charge Controller
  • 2 x Crocodile clips
  • 2 x Fuse holders
  • 2 x 5a fuse
  • 10 x Ring terminals
  • 6 x Light bulb holder (bayonet fitting)
  • 6 x 3w 12v spiral light bulb (bayonet fitting)
  • 1 x Light switch
  • 1 x Light switch back box
  • 1 x Individual connection blocks
  • 4 x Screws
  • 4 x Roof fixing blocks
  • 1 x 10m Run of cable
  • 4 x Cable ties
  • 14 x Cable clips