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Metal Halide lamps are an extremely efficient form of lighting, which is why they are to be found lighting all sorts of buildings, usually as security lights. The light output is around 10 times that of the equivalent wattage Halogen light. For example a 35 watt metal halide will be equivalent to around a 300 watt Halogen. Output differs according to the make of Bulb and whether they are cool white or warm white. Generally cool whites have a brighter output but may not be pleasant on the eye and give a harsher effect. Cool whites are probably best for illuminating buildings whereas warm whites are preferable for trees and garden lighting., however cool white is more suitable for trees with blue/grey foliage such as some pines and cedars.

The Hallum range of Metal Halide lights are surface mounted lights that can be aimed at any angle and in any direction. They will swivel through 360° and will tilt upwards to 90°. They can be mounted onto any hard surface such as concrete, decking etc or they are of sufficient weight to be left freestanding. The extremely robust all aluminium body incorporates a highly polished anodised aluminium reflector and a tempered, impact resistant Glass lens waterproofed to IP65.

The 30 degree beam angle is best for small trees or for illuminating a statue or fountain. The 60 degree beam angle can be considered as a floodlight and is ideal for lighting large trees with wide canopies or for lighting large building facades.

The choice of 35 watt,70 watt or 150 watt is dependent upon the size of the building or tree to be lit and the distance away.

Item Specifications

Beam Angle: 60°, 30°
colour: aluminium
Height: 368 mm
Bulb Type: 150w metal halide
Lamp Watts: 150
diameter: 174 mm
watts: 150 Watt, 35 Watt, 70 Watt