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New electronic micro processor controlled motion detector with 360°  anti creep for a gapless monitoring.
Spherical head adjustment.
The detection area can e altered by blinds, whihc are included. The blinds can be clipped on an moved to stop unwanted detection, making it possible to achieve detection areas of less than 280° such as 90°, 130° or 230°.
Blinds included, also for 360° anti creep cover.
Adjustment light level and time setting by screwdriver or potentiometers at the bottom of the detector ball.
The product is programmed for immediate use wiht light level 200 lux and time setting 3 mins.
Mounting bracket for outside corners included (supplied as standard).
Easy insrtallation with plug in socket.
Application examples - Monitoring two sides of a building, warehouses, parking lots.
To override the PIR this can be done from a light switch inside the house. Switch on and it will overide the PIR and switch off and the PIR will operate again.

Item Specifications

colour: Brown, white