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LED 12w power supply - Potted - 12v dc - 12w

The T9201PT Potted power supply is resin seald to IP67 and resistant to condensation which can affect ordinary power supplies used outside. They are available as potted power supplies for contractors to fit their own enclosures (for example, to makeup twin transformers in one enclosure), mounted in IP65 black enclosures, or with a resin sealant in a ground burial kit where surface mounting is not possible. 12w.
Dimensions  80mm Length x 20mm Width x 20mm Depth.


IP rating

Potted power supply

Input voltage
240v input

Potted power supply for contractors to fit in their own enclosures (for example, to make up twin transformers in one enclosure).

Item Specifications

colour: black
Voltage: 12V dc
IP rating: IP 67
Materials: Potted power supply mounted into a black polycarbonate box
Dimensions: L 112mm W 112mm D 67mm
watts: 12w
Options: Potted power supply in black polycarbonate box, Ground burial supply with resin pack, installation in an enclosure of the installer's choice.