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MEANWELL 16.8w 350mA IP67 LED Driver - Non dimmable


The LV-LPC-20-350 constant current LED power supply is suitable for use with all series wired Light Visuals products. Ensure all power is turned off before installing. Connect secondary (low volt side) prior to connection of the primary (mains side). 
The secondary side of the driver MUST have final connection made prior to energising, failure to do so will destroy the LED. Observe correct polarity. Ensure cable joints are waterproof. 
Notes are for guidance only. Installation decisions will be the responsibility of the installer, and Light Visuals will not be held responsible for any installations using these notes.

Power 16.8w.
Input current 0.55A/aa5VAC  0.35A/230VAC
Input Voltage 100-240v
Efficiency 83%
Output Current 350mA
Output voltage range 9-48v
IP Rating IP67
Wiring - Series
Dimming - No
Dimensions 118mm L x 35mm W x 26mm H.
Case material - Plastic