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NAUTILUS SPIKE LED, silver grey, 3 x 1w warm white LED

Including 170 cm connection lead with plug
Including driver unit
Including ground spike.
Emitting beam angle 60°
Including 1.5 metre cable
Lumen output 103.8

The latest in LED technology is built in  to this luminaire with built in driver and built in high output 3 x 1w LED lamps and a wide 60 degree beam angle to work as a flood light to highlight large shrubs, benches , ornaments and pathways.

Very ECO friendly energy efficient spike light which is cool to touch , has long lamp life and low running cost. Ideal in border areas etc. Up light a pergola or garden ornament.

Fully adjustable for rotation and tilt. 270 degree of tilt and 360 degree rotation when mounting in the ground.

IP44 water resistant.

Built to last the test of time quality built in Germany.

Please ensure that you use a certified NIC EIC electrical contractor that has previous experience of external lighting installations. It is imperative that all cable joints are 100% water tight and that care is taken when installing water tight bezels and transformers. All the products are fit for purpose and the weak point is generally the installation where adequate drainage has not been made or poor joints have been made to the cable.

There are a number of waterproof enclosures available on this site along with heat shrink cable joint kits and resin gel packs to fill the junction boxes to make a watertight enclosure. Where possible try and keep all joints and transformers above ground, however if this is not possible there are potted burial kits available.

Item Specifications

colour: silvergrey
Lamp description: 3 Power LED's 1 Watt
Overall diameter: 3.5 cm
Weight: 0.645 kg
Voltage: 230 Volt
Max wattage: 10 Watt
IP rating: IP 44
Materials: aluminium
Height: 36.5 cm
Degree of tilt: 270
Lumens: 103.8