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E3001B is a miniature blue l.e.d recessed light which consumes a tiny amount of power and stays cool to the touch. The three 0.1w led's produce a wide, low power 60 degree beam through the clear polycarbonate lens, which looks like a plastic button and is very inconspicious where more visible metal housings are not desirable. Navigator Aqua are resin sealed to IP68 and fitted with a 6m cable for use in underwater and damp locations. They are used as highlighters in pebble pools and rills, to waymark stepping stones across water features, and as inconspicuous effect lighting in walls, alongside paths or in step risers.

Clear polycarbonate

IP rating
Waterproof to IP68 for underwater use

L.e.d's are resin-encapsulated within the clear polycarbonate caseons in concrete, paving or walls. They can be recessed in decking, sleeper walls and other materials using a 25mm wood drill bit.

Input voltage
12v ac; 0.3w requires power from a magnetic transformer: for l.e.d. loads less than 10w use T9201 dc power supply to ensure voltage stability

Lamp type
3 x 0.1w blue l.e.d.'s

Navigator Aqua lights can be connected directly to a transformer using the 6m cable fitted or arranged in custom layouts using T9962 cable joint kits and 1.5mm cable: for splicing into a run of cable use T9963 cable splice kit. Supply from a magnetic transformer such as T9502 surface mount 20va or T2504 ground burial transformer. Do not use electronic transformers: for l.e.d. loads less than 10w use T9201 dc power supply to ensure voltage stability.