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Neptune underwater light, 316 Stainless steel, 12v, IP68

E2511 Neptune 12v Stainless Steel underwater spotlights are designed for submersion in water features, with their stylish finish making it especially suitable for water features with a decorative lining where the fitting will be on view and in modern stainless steel water features where matching of materials is aesthetically important. A recess niche & sleeve convert Neptine into a recessed uplight for installation in paving and decking. Other bracket mounted underwater versions are available with a protective grid (E2512), glare shield (E2513) & eyelid hood (E2514). They take lamps from 20w to 50w in a variety of beam angles to cater for a wide range of creative garden lighting effects. l.e.d. modules can be fitted as long life, low energy alternatives. Underwater lighting will create a shimmering lighting effect if used in conjunction with moving water, and movement in lighting effects adds another dimension to creative garden lighting design. Try a colour changing led module for a rainbow colour change effect in smaller water features. A frosted lens can be substituted for the standard clear lens for diffused lighting. Clip-on colour filters, glare louvre and effects lenses may be fitted to the front of MR16 lamps inside the light for a variety of lighting effects. For example MR16ASL converts a round beam to a more rectangular distribution to increase lateral or vertical coverage.

Energy saving lamp option

This fitting can also be used with an ECO friendly LED MR16 lamp if required. LED lamps offer energy savings over the traditional halogen GU10 lamps and are also cool to touch and safe around children. Warm white and cool white are available and the cool white works well when illuminating shrubs and trees where as the warm white works better on brickwork and wood.

Typical energy savings using LED lamps


Low voltage system

Low voltage is the safer option in the garden due to the ground being dug etc. You will need to use a transformer which matches the lamp voltage, for example if you had 6 fittings each with a MR16 35w lamp that would be 6 x 35w = 210 watts so you would need a transformer that was about 250 va as you need some spare capacity on it to function correctly. Standard MR16 low voltage lamps can use either an electronic or standard toroidal type transformer but if you decide to use LED lamps then they work best on the toroidal type transformer.

Example of transformer loadings



Direct connection to a transformer or junction box via 6 metre cable fitted. Stirrup bracket can be mounted on optional : custom mountings for deeper water can be assembled. With the stirrup bracket removed Atlantus is a good recessed light for use with small features or as an up light in lawns. Use E2560N recess niche & sleeve for recessed installation in paving and walls. Avoid cable joints underwater or in wet areas unless the joint is resin filled.We recommend you use the heat shrink kits for cable jointing and also waterproof enclosures with the hard setting resin compound to minimise the risk of water ingress.

All exterior lighting connections must be made 100% water tight and there are a number of waterproof transformers and connection boxes on our web site to choose from. The weakest point of any lighting installation is the connection of cables. Heat shrink cable joint kits are very good as are the waterproof enclosures with a resin filled gel. We recommend you choose a fully certified NIC EIC electrical contractor to carry out the work who has previous experience of external lighting installations.

Colour / Finish

316 Stainless Steel

IP rating



316 stainless steel body with stainless steel stirrup bracket. Heat resistant, flush tempered clear glass. Pre-wired with 6 metres of double insulated 1.5mm HO&-RNF cable via a cable gland and high temperature ‘O’ ring seal. Lens bezel & "U" bracket secured by stainless steel screws with allen key heads.

Input voltage

12 volts – requires power from a remote transformer

Lamp type

MR16 12v tungsten halogen reflector lamp or MR16 led modules (Order lamp separately) Use 50w underwater only; 35w maximum out of water. Use 10w or 20w lamp maximum or an led module for recessed in walkover surfaces to avoid hot lens. LED lamp options also available


Use E2500F frosted lens to diffuse lighting; MR16AHL clip-on honeycomb glare filter and colour filters may be fitted onto the front of the lamp inside the light to create a range of lighting effects. Stirrup bracket can be mounted on optional E2510B base mounting or E2510M ground spike: custom mountings for deeper water can be assembled from E2510C and E2510L extension kits. Use E2510N and E2510R recess niche & sleeve for recessed installation in paving and walls.