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E2516 is a compact 12v recessed garden lighting fitting for lighting across steps or wider staircases/patios according to the lamp type fitted. It is fully weatherproof for use in retaining walls and other damp locations. The eyelid hood hides the light source from a casual downward glance. E2516 eyelid steplight is a versatile light for other garden lighting applications too. With a frosted lens and low power 20w lamp it is a way of lighting around a patio area from flanking walls or raised beds. It can be used in locations requiring a splashproof fitting, such as water staircases, and around pond areas. MR16 warm white LED modules include 3w or 5w for lighting across wider steps; 50,000 life and low energy consumption make them a popular option. Remember that these are, in effect, recessed spotlights: do not use them facing seating areas, windows or doors to avoid glare; use downward facing steplights such as E2111 Pilot surface mount steplight instead.

All recessed luminaires must have adequate drainage beneath each fitting to allow water to disperse.  All cable joint must be 100% watertight and there a number or waterproof transformer boxes and heat shrink cable joint kits on our web site to choose from. We would advise that all connections and transformer be kept above ground where possible as the weakest link in any exterior garden electrical installation is joining cables together.
Please ensure that your electrician is NIC EIC certified and has done exterior lighting installations before. Also ensure that all rubber gaskets are clean and dry before screwing down the front glass and bezel for a water tight seal. Copper grease should be used on screws and screw thread bezels to reduce corrosion and make it easy to release when a lamp change is required.

316 Stainless Steel
For more information about stainless steel please go to our page on Design tips.

IP rating

Black powder-coated pressure die-cast brass body with stainless steel front plate, screws and clear lens. Pre-wired with 6m cable.

Input voltage
12 volts – requires power from a remote transformer

Lamp type
MR16 12v tungsten halogen reflector lamp or MR16 led modules. Order lamp separately

Connection direct to transformer or of fitted cable to low voltage supply cable by crimped heat shrink joint if cable longer than 6m is required. (order cable joint kit T9962 separately if required). Should be fixed in wall with mortar for good heat dissipation; do not use expanding foam fixatives which insulate the fitting and reduce heat disspation. Does not need to be removed from the wall for lamp replacement

Use E2500F frosted lens to diffuse lighting around patio areas; MR16AHL clip-on honeycomb glare filter is also recommended as a means of reducing glare near viewpoints.