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Vanguard, PIR, 400w halogen R7s, flood light

( complete with PIR sensor )

Most people would like to improve the security of your property, or just gain additional illumination  over a patio or BBQ area for very little cost. The Vanguard range of security flood lights offer  great value  for money. Halogen floodlights have  Instant light at a flick of a switch and throws a wide distribution of light and is also adjustable for tilt. Easy lamp change due to the hinged front glass and single fixing screw which we advise you put copper grease on to reduce the rate of corrosion. This flood light also comes complete with a PIR motion sensor which has  110 degree detection angle, 12m maximum range with a 10 sec - 4 min timer function plus daylight function. 

All exterior lighting should be installed by a qualified NIC EIC approved electrical contractor who has experience in external lighting installations.

Always try to avoid light pollution

What is light pollution

Light pollution occurs when unwanted light falls outside the area intended for illumination. Unnecessary, excessive or badly designed and installed systems that allow light to go upwards or trespass outside the target area are wasteful and are of no benefit to anyone.Light pollution wastes precious natural resources, adversely affects the lives of animals, is a common cause of complaint when it shines into neighbouring property and makes the night sky too bright for astronomers to view the stars at night.


Fully adjustable, concentrate the light where you need it most. There are two main types of reflector, symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical is the standard type found in most traditional style flood lights including the vanguard range where light is thrown is a wide beam angle. Asymmetrical is a more controlled light beam and thrown the light down and forward therefore reducing unwanted light spill.  

Halogen flood lights are not energy efficient and there is a selection of LED flood lights on the web site that use less power and the lamp life is much longer lamp life is much longer.



Lamp included
Complete with fixing accessories
110 degree tilt
Complete with built in PIR
Matt black & clear glass

                    Constructed from die cast aluminium & glass        

Item Specifications

Voltage: 240V
IP rating: 44
Suite Name: Vanguard PIR
Product Type: Flood
Zone: Outdoor
Finish: Matt black paint & clear glass
Dimensions: 245mm height x 240mm projection x 185mm width
Material: Cast alloy & glass
Bulb Category Primary: Mains voltage halogen
Bulb Included: Yes
Bulb Light Source Description: 1 x 400W R7s tungsten (117mm)
Dimmable: Non-dimmable
Feature: 12m maximum range with a 10 sec - 4 min timer func, Lamp included Complete with fixing accessories Com
Technical: 1 x 400W R7s tungsten (117mm) (included) IP44 245m
Sensor: PIR
Sensor_Description: 12m maximum range with a 10 sec - 4 min timer func, 110 degree detection angle
Lumens: 8870
Kelvin: 2900