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Waymarker 180 - copper - 240v GU10

Waymarkers are a smart modern drive over light for installing in paving along a pathway, driveway markers and patio decking lights. They are available in 12v and mains 240v GU10, in both cases a LED lamp can be used to save on energy and keep the fitting cool to touch. A compact fluorescentGU10 base lamp will also work in the waymarker.
The 180, 12v, recessed light has 2 windows providing 180 degree lighting to one side of the top plate. It is useful where you want to cast a stream of light across a path or drive edge without casting light backwards onto planting or other finishes behind. Could also be mounted in a wall to create a stunning light effect.

Can be used with a GU10 LED lamp to reduce heat and electricity bills.

Colour / Finish

  Natural copper,is a popular choice for traditional garden settings

                                                                               IP rating

IP66, see further details on IP ratings in our design ideas page


Front bezel is attached to tubular aluminium body which unscrews into 2 halves without tools for easy lamp changing. 1m cable via rear entry cable

Input voltage

Mains 240v

Lamp options

GU10 20w or 35w halogen lamp – 38 degree beam for wider staircases or 60 degree beam for wider coverage of a narrower staircase, path or patio. GU10 warm white LED lamps include 3w for lighting across wider steps; 50,000 life and low energy consumption make them a popular option



The plastic sleeve is built into the wall during construction or retrofitted into a hole cut with a coring bit: the light pushes into the tube, where it is held firmly in place by an o-ring, leaving a front plate with no visible fixing screws. Suitable drainage should be provided below each fitting to prevent water logging. Smoothies should not be installed in ground subject to water logging, an IP68 light such as a Atlantus Recessed light should be considered.

All recessed luminaires must have adequate drainage beneath each fitting to allow water to disperse, especially in clay based soil beds. All cable joint must be 100% watertight and there a number or waterproof transformer boxes and heat shrink cable joint kits on our web site to choose from. We would advise that all connections be kept above ground where possible as the weakest link in any exterior garden electrical installation is joining cables together.

Please ensure that your electrician is NIC EIC certified and has done exterior lighting installations before. Also ensure that all rubber gaskets are clean and dry before screwing down the front glass and bezel for a water tight seal. We would suggest you use a copper grease on the fixing screws to reduce corrosion and make life easier when you need to remove the front bezel for a re-lamp.