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Q. Is it best to use Low Voltage or Mains light fittings in the ground?
A. Either are fine. Low Voltage will work well but you will need to use a transformer to regulate the voltage to 12v. Mains are less work for the electrician but can be more of a hazard with 240v of live power available especially if you use electrical gadgets such as lawn mowers. Make sure an electrical power cutout if used in conjunction with the lawn mower with mains voltage fittings.

Q. Are LED's the answer to exterior lighting in place of conventional lighting?
A. LED's are becoming more and more powerful and less expensive. They are now very energy efficient and they do not omit any heat and therefore safe to touch.

Q. LED Solar lighting is now quite popular why is that?
A. Everyone is looking to save money as energy bills continue to rise. The beauty of LED solar lights are they do not use any electricity and the light output they give is now so much better than the old conventional Solar Light fittings. They make great security lights and some come with a PIR presence detection, so great comfort for security especially with the long winter nights.