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Lighthouse Dusk to Dawn Bollard Light (Photocell) - 0.4m, 0.6m, 0.8m or 1m - Green or Black

The Lighthouse Dusk to Dawn Bollard has a height suitable for every application such as driveways, paths and sectioned areas. There are also two styles of head to choose from, one being a 'domed' top and one being a 'pillar' top. Our large range of pro bollard lighting is also ideal for use in more commercial and public areas such as car parks, especially when used with our super bright, high lumen output LED Bulb (See Commercial LED Bollards). 

The inbuilt photocell dusk to dawn sensor automatically turns the bollard light on when it detects dark (dusk) and off again when it detects light (dawn). This means there is no need to remember to switch the fitting on and off manually, and will generally result in less product maintenance. This photocell bollard is an ideal and effective way to reduce energy bills yet add security.

  • Height (choice): 0.6m / 0.8m / 1m
  • Colour (choice): Garden Green / Graphite Black
  • Head (choice): Dome Lighthouse / Pillar Lighthouse 
  • Sensor: Photocell (Dusk til Dawn)
  • Materials: Aluminium / Stainless Steel
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • LampHolder: ES / E27 Screw Cap
  • Mounting: Internal Mounting Base
  • Included: Instructions / Allen Key
  • Guarantee: 7 YEAR GUARANTEE

The 'Lighthouse' style bollard light has a clear, high quality UV stop PC diffuser surrounding the centre section of the head which enables an even all-round light dispersal around the bollard and adds protection to the bulb installed. Further protection is added internally by silver aluminium louvres which also add character to the bollard and act as anti-glare shields.

The head and 2.5mm thick extruded aluminium cylinder of the bollard light are created from heavy duty die-cast aluminium, and all external screws are security allen socket type made from stainless steel, resulting in a completely rustproof and non-corrosive product.

RUNNING COSTS: In London there is approximately 4,300 hours of darkness per year, therefore base on the UK average of £0.14 per kWh, the Pathos Dusk to Dawn Post Light costs as little as £1.81 PER YEAR to run when a 3W Lumena LED Candle Bulb is used. Not only this but the lamp will also last up to 30,000 hours (over 5 years), whereas a standard incandescent commonly lasts for only 1000 hours.

Bollard types and spacing

Bollard lights are available in a massive choice of styles, finish and lamp options. You need to think about how the light will be used for example a small garden pathway, the main driveway, to illuminate steps etc.  If you are within 20 km of the coast you should think about using the wooden bollards or marine grade 316 stainless steel. Some bollards have built in LED lamps  and they generally offer lower levels of light ( lumen's ) than say a compact fluorescent. Also if the lamp is an integral part of the bollard then it can not be replaced if it fails in future so you will have to purchase a complete new bollard. There are bollards that use GU10 lamps and in this case can be changed for a ECO friendly GU10 LED lamp. The spacing of the bollards will depend on the lamp output, louvre design, height etc but a general rule of thumb would be no less than 3 mtrs and no more than 12 mtrs apart. The shorter distance would be for garden pathways and the longer distance is for long drive ways.

The LED lamp is the most ECO friendly and will help reduce your energy bills.


Choosing the style of a product is only part of the equation you must also think of where that product will be used and how it will be installed. All exterior lighting products on our web site have a IP rating which is explained further in our design ideas section but in simple terms the IP rating is appropriate to each light fitting and its intended application and is therefore fit for purpose. Water ingress is the enemy for outdoor lighting and the products supplied are only as good as the installation as the weakest point is always cable and transformer joints. All joint must be made 100% water tight and this can be done using heat shrink kits, waterproof junction boxes which are then filled with a resin mix. All joints where possible should be made above ground for easy access and reduced water ingress. When installing ground buried lights adequate drainage systems should be put in place especially in clay based soil areas. If possible use ground surface spike lights rather than a buried light.  Mains 240v cable will have less joint than a low voltage installation but care must be taken with the cable runs.

All exterior lights must be installed by a certified NIC EIC electrical contractor and all cable joints must be 100% watertight. There are a selection of waterproof jointing kits and boxes available on this web site.

Light levels ( LUX )

Light levels are measured in something called LUX. Put simply LUX is a measurement of light falling on a given surface area. For example an average LUX of 200 would be needed for an outdoor tennis court for recreational purposes and a side street  walkway would have an average of 5 LUX. To calculate lux levels you need a very good calculator or computer as there is a number of factors that need to be taken in to account.

Average levels of illuminance in Lux

Sunny June day 80000 Lux
Bad light stopped play at Lords 1000 Lux
A well lit office 500 Lux
Main road lighting 15 Lux
A residential side street 5 Lux
A clear moonlit night 0.2 Lux 

Environmental impact

Care should be taken for the environment and local wildlife to maintain the ecological balance. Insects, bats, wildlife can all be effected by  light pollution. The warmer colour spectrum of  ( 2,700 Kelvins ) does not interfere with insects and general wildlife as much as the blue colour spectrum of light around 6,000 kelvins which can disrupt their normal night time activity. This also applies to bats where a anti glare light fittings works better as well as reducing the overall light pollution in the area. You must also be mindful of your neighbors and the effect your lighting can have on them and shining a 500w tungsten halogen flood light in to their windows at night will cause them distress. Try to keep the light in a downward position and local to the items you want to illuminate and even if you want to illuminate tall trees it can be done in a sympathetic way by placing a ground buried or surface spike flood light directly under the trees to illuminate the canopy. Some light fittings also have a anti glare shield fitted to reduce light pollution.

Item Specifications

colour: Garden Green, Graphite Black
Max wattage: 60w
Height: 800mm, 600mm, 1000mm, 400mm
additional information: Domed Lighthouse Head, Pillar Lighthouse