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Dolix Out MR16 square, outdoor, down light, MR16 Low Voltage, white, IP65


The Dolix Out out range is available in low voltage MR16 or mains voltage GU10 and a number of colour options. MR16 Low voltage lamps are brighter than Mains GU10 lamps and have a wider lamp beam angle choice. 

Can be used in soffits, porches, exterior ceiling voids.  

When lighting is fixed into the soffit boards great lighting effects can be created that wash the walls with light. Narrow beam lamps and coloured lamps can also be used to make more of a decorative effect if desired.    

Some soffit recessed lighting can be re-lamped from above and below to make maintenance easier. Wiring regulations would suggest that a ingress protection of IP23 would be sufficient in this location but using a fitting with a higher IP figure can only ensure extra protection in exposed locations.

Where depth is available they can also be used in an entrance porch linked to a motion detection PIR so they come on only when required.

Energy efficient lamps  

The use of energy efficient LED  lamps are long lasting and therefore ideal for areas where access is a problem and regular lamp changes would not be desirable. A typical saving of 88% is achievable.

Low voltage facts

A mains 240v supply comes in to a transformer which then steps the load down to a safe 12v supply, this is particularly useful in gardens where there is a danger of a fork or spade penetrating a cable.You will need to use a transformer which matches the lamp voltage. For example if you had 6 fittings each with a MR16 35w lamp that would be 6 x 35w = 210 watts so you would need a transformer that was about 250 va as you need some spare capacity on the transformer for it to function correctly. Standard MR16 low voltage lamps can use either an electronic or standard toroidal type transformer but if you decide to use LED lamps then they work best on the toroidal type transformer. Most of the transformers on our site are for outdoor use and have a good IP rating.

Example of transformer loadings

Installation advice

We recommend you use the heat shrink kits for cable jointing or waterproof enclosure boxes filled with Magic gel compound to keep the joints 100% water tight. These can be found in the installation item section.
Please try and make all terminations above ground where there is less chance of water ingress. All installations should be done by a NIC EIC electrical contractor to ensure a safe and 100% water tight installation. Waterproof joint kits and boxes are available from our web site.


Ceiling thickness max 15mm
Depth 130 mm
Cut out 70mm

Item Specifications

colour: white
Cut out: dia 7 cm
Installation depth: 13 cm
Weight: 0.230 kg
IP rating: IP 65
Materials: aluminium / glass
Length: 8.9 cm
Width: 8.9 cm
Material Finish: Aluminium / Glass
watts: Max 35w
Bezel: Square Bezel