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Exterior 12v transformer, 10w, IP44

2 meter primary lead with plug
1 meter secondary lead
conventional transformers should be used to capacity of 80 % of there nominal load .

If you receive the transformer with the 2 pin plug (from Germany) it can be removed.

The 12v weatherproof wire-wound toroidal transformer is resin-potted into a black polycarbonate boxes. Each transformer has a self-resetting thermal cut-off to protect against overload, 2 meter Primary input cable with two pin plug and 1 meter secondary output cable for connection using separate weatherproof junction boxes.

Low voltage transformer loading example

The majority of exterior waterproof low voltage transformers are wire wound ( magnetic) torodial which are sealed in hard resin to prevent water ingress. The transformer must be loaded to 70% of it maximum capacity for it to function correctly. If you are going to put LED lamps on the transformer we recommend loading it to 80% of its maximum load capacity.

Transformer location and low voltage cabling

1.     Try and keep cable runs from transformers to garden light fittings as short as possible to ensure optimum performance, no
         more than two metres to the first lamp.

2.     Locate a transformer centrally amongst a group of garden lights it is to power; e.g. a radius of 8 metres for 5w lamps

3.     If you decide to run 2 sets of garden lights operated by separate switches, you must provide 2 separate transformers & circuits.

4.     Try not to put more than 10 lights on any one transformer otherwise voltage drop can reduce lamp and transformer performance.

5.     Try to avoid putting cable runs straight through the middle of the garden and try to run them along the fence line first, this will
        reduce the risk of putting a spade or fork through them when gardening.

6.     Where possible always try to keep the transformer above ground mounted on a fence post or spike, if you do have to bury them make sure you use the burial kits and fill with resin or magic gel to reduce water ingress.



IP rating

Wire wound toroidal transformer resin-potted into a black polycarbonate box

Input voltage
240v input

Output voltage

Make all connections in T9969 underground joint kit or similar resin-sealed joint. (Boxes with silicon-sealed lids do not protect against ingress of moisture through condensation and capillary action: ordinary silicon sealant does not bond reliably with all enclosure materials.) After burying the transformer and associated junction boxes, lay a paving slab or similar protective material over it, cover with cable warning tape and back-fill hole. NB: Where multiple ground burial transformers are to be installed in an area, allow connection points where possible above ground to allow for isolation in the event of future fault-finding. Connection of transformers to separate cores of a multicore cable may also be considered. Failure to adopt these recommendations may mean difficulty in fault diagnosis in the future and in extending or upgrading the system.

Item Specifications

Max wattage: 10 Watt
IP rating: IP 44
Materials: plastic housing
Length: 5.5 cm
Width: 8 cm
Height: 5 cm
watts: 10w