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The 'Starlight' is an elegant 12v hanging light made from powder coated aluminium, ideal for outhouses, sheltered outdoor seating areas, pergolas and certain trees. Once dark, beautiful 360° lighting effects are created by the patterned body of this decorative 12v garden light. The 'Starlight' hanging light looks smart in daylight too, a fantastic example of ornamental landscape lighting. The unique rustic 'earth' brown finish has a charming quality that blends in well with a variety of outdoor surroundings, such as brick, plants and tree bark.

The 'Starlight' hanging down light can be used with an MR16 LED bulb which reduces running and maintenance costs due to its long lifespan and low wattage. Should the LED MR16 ever need to be replaced, this can be done simply by unscrewing the one screw at the top of the cylindrical body to remove then replace the bulb. Certain lighting design features make landscape lighting installation easier; in the case of this hanging garden light, 5m of waterproof 2 core cable is supplied, meaning less cable joins and more choice on the position of the light fitting. The fixed hanging ring at the top of the light can be used with a length of chain if desired.

  • Finish: 'Earth' Brown - Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Lamp: MR16 (see above for options)
  • Max. Wattage: 35W
  • IP Rating: IP23
  • Cable: 12v 2 core 0.75mm2 H05RN-F (approx. 5m)
  • Dimensions: Length: 260mm (inc ring), Diam. (main body): 60mm, Diam. (top): 90mm
  • Also available in Natural Copper or Satin Silver Anodised Aluminium

  • Light output ( Lumens )

    The amount of light that is produced by a lamp is called lumens and the more lumens the lamp has the brighter it will be. Lumens work in conjunction with kelvins and should not be taken in isolation of each other. For example if you had a very warm white lamp at 2,700 kelvins and it produced 300 lumens and you then had another lamp which was a cool white 6,000 kelvins which also produced 300 lumens the cooler lamp colour would always appear brighter to the naked eye than the warmer one this is due to the receptors in the eye that react better to a white light spectrum. Another factor on how bright a light may appear is contrast. So if you shine a white 6,000 kelvin light onto a dark wall and a warm 2,700 Kelvin lamp onto a white wall the warmer lamp would appear brighter due to the contrast of the material it is focused on. So when choosing a lamp always take into account the area you want to illuminate and think about Kelvins (colour ),  Lumens ( brightness) and contrast  (colour of area).

    Lamp colour ( Kelvins )

    The colour of a lamp is defined as a measurement called kelvins. A standard GLS light bulb in your house would be 2,700 kelvins which is in the warm colour spectrum and a lamp with 6,000 kelvins would be at the very cold white spectrum. Getting the right colour temperature of a lamp does matter as the warm colour wavelength helps to soften skin tones and gives a warm soft relaxed feel and at the other end of the scale a 4,000 to 6,000 kelvin lamp colour  would be used in offices or at fast food restaurants to make you feel less comfortable and relaxed and feel more alert. There’s nothing that can sour your opinion of a compact fluorescent  or LED lamp like buying a 4000K or 5000K bulb when you meant to buy a 2700K bulb, or vice-versa. When you buy a new, energy efficient bulb, keep your application and colour scheme in mind and make sure to buy the bulb with a colour temperature to match. 

    Item Specifications

    colour: Brown, Satin Silver, Natural Copper
    IP rating: IP 23
    Materials: Natural Copper (non lacquered)
    Dimensions: Length: 260mm (inc ring), Diam. (main body): 60mm, Diam. (top): 90mm
    watts: Max 35w
    cabling: 12v 2 core 0.75mm2 H05RN-F (approx. 5m)