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T9962 cable joint kit makes a permanent weatherproof joint between two cables up to 2 core 2.5mm with an overall diameter of 10mm. It consists of 2 blue crimped butt connectors to join the conductors and heat shrink tubing which is shrunk with a heat gun to form a seal over the cable sheaths and butt connectors. For "Y" jointing two cables or joining to 4mm cables use T9963 cable splice kit.

The kit comprises of  4 number yellow straight through cable crimps and two outer cable sheath heat shrink. Join the two cables via the enclosed crimp clips and then place the sheath over the top and heat with a hot air gun to contract the outer sleeve to make a complete waterproof joint.
The importance of having a completely dry connection on the electrical cables etc can not be understated. Water and electricity do not mix well and the weakest point for any exterior electrical installation is always where a joint is made. There is a selection of waterproof enclosures available on our web site and we would highly recommend the use of them when installing the exterior lights. Please ensure that your electrician reads all the instructions and installs them to the letter using the appropriate waterproof kits.  We would highly recommend keeping all jointing and transformers above ground where possible, if you do need to put the joint in ground then please use the potting kits with a resin gel fill pack. 

Adequate drainage must also be made under each luminaire especially if you are in a clay based soil area.

Please ensure that the electrical company is NIC EIC approved and have carried out exterior lighting installations before as it is not as straight forward as an internal electrical installation. Failure to adequately install a 100% water tight installation will create problems for the future and could result in having to dig up a driveway etc to fix a poor cable joint.