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Ground Burial LPV20-12 Power Supply - 12v dc - 20w 

The T9208GB Ground burial power supply is mounted into a black polycarbonate box and filled with resin, for ground burial


IP rating

Electronic power supply resin-potted into a black polycarbonate box

Input voltage
240v input

For ground burial: Make all connections in T9969 underground joint kit or similar resin-sealed joint. (Boxes with silicon-sealed lids do not protect against ingress of moisture through condensation and capillary action: ordinary silicon sealant does not bond reliably with all enclosure materials.) After burying the transformer and associated junction boxes, lay a paving slab or similar protective material over it, cover with cable warning tape and back-fill hole. NB: Where multiple ground burial transformers are to be installed in an area, allow connection points where possible above ground to allow for isolation in the event of future fault-finding. Connection of transformers to separate cores of a multicore cable may also be considered. Failure to adopt these recommendations may mean difficulty in fault diagnosis in the future and in extending or upgrading the system.

Item Specifications

IP rating: IP 67
Materials: Potted power supply mounted into a black polycarbonate box
Dimensions: L 160mm W 120mm D 71mm
Material Finish: Potted Power Supply Mounted into a Black Polycarbonate Box
watts: 20 Watt
Options: Ground burial supply with resin pack, installation in an enclosure of the installer's choice., power supply is mounted into a black polycarbonate boxes