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HEXR 100W RGB Colour LED Floodlight With IR Remote. Black finish. 5000 lumens

When a standard, run-of-the-mill floodlight won’t do, step it up and go for our 100W RGB Colour LED Floodlight with RF Remote.

Brought to you by Mirrorstone,  it consumes 100W of energy to power a colossal 5000 lumens of light.

To put that into perspective, an equivalent non-LED would use 10 times the electricity to reach the same level of brightness!

A beam angle of 120 degree means that it can illuminate the area outside your property with no problem, and will keep doing so for up to 50,000 hours.

It’s made from glass and aluminium, resulting in a sturdy build quality. IP65 rating gives you complete dust proofing and protection against light jets of water – so it can withstand anything that the great outdoors has to throw at it.

Just because it can put up with heavy rain, doesn’t mean you have to – the RF remote can be used to switch it on/off, dim the light and switch between 16 different colours, including white.

A 50m range means that you don’t even have to go outside to use it – simply press the buttons from the comfort of your own house.


Illuminate your property with absolute confidence, thanks to the new HEXR collection from Mirrorstone Lighting. With a higher lumens to watts ratio than ever before, this is powerful lighting at an eco-friendly price. A sturdier build and a perfectly tooled reflective housing mean that this light will penetrate the furthest reaches of your garden with its RGB light.

Picking The Right Product

5000 lumens is a lot of light. Maybe too much for some areas.

To make sure your area outside your home isn’t swamped by a mass of light, you may want to consider the 30w RGB colour LED floodlight.

It uses less than a third of the energy of our featured item, but is only a few lumens short of reaching half the brightness at 2430. It too comes bundled with an IR remote, so you get all the luxuries and control that we spoke about above.

Depending on where you plan on placing your floodlight, you may want to consider using the floodlight spikes. These allow you to mount your floodlight pretty much anywhere on the floor. This is great if wall mounting isn’t practical or even possible.

This also opens up the possibility to illuminate feature walls on the outside of large buildings for example – a perfect match for our featured product.

Choose LEDs And Save Money Too!

LEDs are quickly becoming the industry standard when it comes to lighting. 

It all stems from how much more energy efficient LED's are. Let’s take a conventional incandescent bulb. Out of all the energy it consumes, just 20% is used to provide light, with the remaining 80% lost to heat wastage. This is why they get so hot when in use.

LEDs on the other hand only lose about 10% of their energy to heat, giving them much cooler operating temperatures and making them far more energy efficient.

The energy efficiency is simple – they use less electricity so your bills come for less. Easy.

The cooler operating temperature means that there is a lot less wear and tear on the lights, so they have much longer lifespans – 50,000 hours in the case of our featured floodlight. This in turn ensures that you spend far less on replacement bulbs, giving you even more savings.

Incidentally, the cooler temperatures make LEDs safer too, as they pose less of a fire risk and you won’t burn your skin by touching them after they’ve been on for a long time too.

Item Specifications

colour: Black
IP rating: IP 65
Length: 280mm
Width: 680mm
Height: 355mm
Dimmable: With Controller
Lumens: 5000 lm
Material Finish: Aluminium & Glass
watts: 100w
lamp life: 50,000 hours
Warranty: 2 Years