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HEXR 50W RGB Colour LED Floodlight With IR Remote. Black finish. 4000 lumens

Make your garden the star of the show with the Colour Changing Mirrorstone 50w RGB LED Floodlight. With a full white brightness rivalling that of a traditional 500w halogen floodlight, it can be used for general illumination as well as having the functionality to change colours.

Like all floodlights, the 50w RGB Floodlight has a waterproof rating of IP65 to negate any water breaching the external casing and jeopardise the internal wiring.

Not only this, but despite being such a new, CE Certified, technology, it comes equipped with 50cm worth of double insulated Twin and Earth cable to allow you to install the unit straight away to help you make savings of up to 90% straight away.


Illuminate your property with absolute confidence, thanks to the new HEXR collection from Mirrorstone Lighting. With a higher lumens to watts ratio than ever before, this is powerful lighting at an eco-friendly price. A sturdier build and a perfectly tooled reflective housing mean that this light will penetrate the furthest reaches of your garden with its RGB light.

Change The Mood For The Next 10 Years

Each 50w RGB LED Floodlight comes with an individual surface mounted RGB diode (SMD) which uses varying amounts of Green, Blue and Red lights for its light output. Alongside this massively bright, single LED, this features a wide 120 degree beam angle, flooding the area with light. This accompanied with the 4000 lumen output helps emit light for up to 13m.

Like all the HEXR RGB LED Floodlights, this also comes with a free Digital Colour Changing Remote Control, allowing you to set the mode and static colours that you want from your light.

The wide range of modes available allow for a huge range of colours and settings making the controller perfect for any situation. It also helps bring seasonal uses to the floodlight like using the red light at Halloween.

Maintain Vibrancy Anywhere For Over 10 Years

Replacing a faulty floodlight means undertaking an incredibly strenuous.

By purchasing an LED floodlight, it reduces the tasks occurrence thanks to its huge lifespan of 50,000 hours. This lifespan easily equates to around 10 years worth of use, helping you save a lot of time and money.

Item Specifications

colour: Black
IP rating: IP 65
Width: 240mm
Height: 285mm
Depth: 65mm
Dimmable: With Controller
Lumens: 4000 lm
Material Finish: Aluminium & Glass
watts: 50w
lamp life: 50,000 hours
Warranty: 2 Years