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The Hilospot is a stylish twin wall light, designed for a combination of direct and decorative downlight and uplight effects using 2 x MR16s (12v). This robust double spotlight has an IP65 rating and is crafted from durable 316 Marine Grade Stainlesss Steel, especially suited to coastal environments. This material gives outdoor wall lights extra protection from harsher and wetter conditions and has a solid, tough exterior.

Light output ( Lumens )

All lamps have a lumen number and the higher the lumen number the brighter the lamp, however colour of the lamp (kelvins ) also comes in to play here as a whiter lamp at 6,000 kelvins and above would always appear brighter to the naked eye than a warmer colour lamp at the 2,700 kelvins light spectrum even if it has the same lumen output.  A halogen 150w R7 lamp that is used in a standard garden security flood light would produce around 2,300 lumens and a 26w compact fluorescent would produce around 1,800 lumens.  Placing lights closer to the item to be illuminated is a good way of using a lower lumen lamp rather than trying to flood light a big area. 


Item Specifications

Voltage: 12v
IP rating: IP 65
Materials: stainless steel 316
Bulb Type: MR16