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IP68 connection box, 5-pole

The weakest part of any exterior lighting project is the installation. If done correctly by a fully qualified NIC EIC approved electrician who has experience in exterior installations then there should be no problems. However there are electricians who are not experienced and do not make a 100% waterproof connection of all cable joints which can lead to bigger problems in the future especially if the cable have been buried. It is also important to allow adequate drainage for water under each installed light fitting and this is especially so if you have a mainly clay based soil bed.

There are several types of waterproof enclosures available on the web site and we would recommend where possible to keep all connections and transformers above ground in waterproof enclosures. If you do need to bury transformers etc we suggest a potting resin is also used in the junction box.

All the fittings have a IP rating and to keep that rating all joint must be clean and water tight.

inclusive terminal block
for wire-Ø 8-17 mm

Item Specifications

Overall diameter: 3.2 cm
Weight: 0.200 kg
IP rating: IP 68
Length: 13 cm