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MicroLED 12v 10x6mm - Warm White LED - 5 Metres - 325lm

MicroLED provide linear lighting where it would previously have been impractical or expensive. Applications include lighting under steps, seating & balustrades and outlining water features, building and garden structures.

MicroLED is waterproof to IP67, although the power input, connectors and end cap should be above water level, and can be used around ponds, along the edges of rills and for highlighting water chutes.

MicroLED is supplied as a 5 metre length, and can be customised by the dictated 50mm cutting intervals. To calculate the size of power supply needed, multiply the power consumption per metre (6 watts) by the number of metres you intend to use.

Order power supply separately. 

LEDs per Metre: 60 LEDs per metre
Watts per Metre: 6 watts per metre
Length: 5 metres
Lumens per Metre : 325 Lumens per metre 
Colour Temp: 3500k warm white
IP Rating: IP67

Item Specifications

IP rating: IP 67
Length: 5m
Lumens: 325
colour temperature: 3500 kelvin
additional information: 6 watts per metre