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     Microspot 12v - Black Powder Coated Aluminium IP65 MR11 - Adjustable Spot Wall Light - Choice Of 3 Colours

Requires a transformer

The E4235 Elipta Microspot outdoor wall spotlight is a miniature adjustable 12v wall spotlight typically used for spotlighting small focal points or downlighting from arbours or pergolas. The flush lens sheds water and leaf litter and is easy to clean. A low energy option is a warm white LED. lamp providing almost the same light output as the standard 20w halogen lamp. Microspot Wall is complemented by Microspot Spike for matching miniature lighting in roof gardens and other small spaces.

Also available in 316 Stainless Steel code number E4215 and Copper code number E4225. 

This Black powder coated aluminium adjustable spot light adds a sophisticated and yet discreet light and acts as a spotlight for small focal points and features and looks great mounted on Arbours and Pergolas.  They can use small 35mm honeycomb glare louvres to make the lighting even more discreet. The code for the louvre is E4011.

Black fittings compliment the garden very well and are very reasonably priced.

When installing screw the back plate onto a wall or post. Seal wall fixing holes with T9990 Outdoor sealant. Wire to a 12v IP rated transformer with 1.5 mm² or 2.5mm² ground burial 2 core low voltage cable available in 50m or 25m packs. Mount the spotlight base onto to back plate with grub screw fixings allowing rotation of the body to desired position.

Lamp colour ( Kelvins )

Lamp colour is determined by the Kelvins and a lamp which is  2,700 kelvin  is classed as warm white and sympathetic to skin tones and warm colours like red brickwork or yellows etc. A lamp with a kelvin rating of kelvin of 6,500k is in the  blueish white spectrum and works well against a white background and cooler colour brick work and will appear brighter to the naked eye than the warm colour spectrum. Plants and shrubs work better with a warm spectrum from 2,700k up to 4,000k max.


Please ensure that you use a PART P, NIC EIC electrical contractor to install your exterior lighting.

All the products are sold and tested fit for purpose and the IP rating is set according to the design and purpose of the luminaire, more details on IP ratings can be found under design ideas section. The weakest point is generally the installation of the product where poor cable joints have been made which are not 100% water tight and will allow for water penetration. There are a number of waterproof enclosures available on this site along with IP68 inline connectors and resin gel packs to fill the junction boxes to make a watertight enclosure. Copper grease should also be used on screws and nuts to stop them binding and ease removal at a later date when a lamp change is required it can also provide a watertight seal.  Never use PVC cabling only use Rubber. PVC can lead to capillary action.         

Item Specifications

Colour: Silver, Brown, Black