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Midas, pathway Spreadlight, natural copper, 12v, IP66


Elipta's Midas spreadlight provides a wide soft pool of light for the illumination of paths or steps and around the terrace, drive and lawn. Natural copper is often the preferred choice for traditional garden styles and natural settings as it always looks more natural than other metal of painted finishes. These 12v spreadlights hide the light source under the shade for low glare lighting. A 20w halogen capsule lamp is the usual lamp choice: a 35w lamp may be fitted for brighter lighting or CAPLED replaceable l.e.d. (light emitting diode) lamp may be used as a low-energy alternative to a 20w halogen lamp. A frosted glass dome protects the lamp from irrigation spray, diffuses the light from the halogen lamp and reduces lamp glare to improve visual comfort in sloping sites. The shade is painted white underneath to maximise light spread. The shade and dome assembly is easily removed and replaced with a screw action, so tools are not required for changing the lamp. Light spread" approximately 4m

Colour/Finish: Natural copper weathers to mottled brown finish to blend with brickwork, timber & gravel and may eventually acquire a verdigris patina.
IP Rating: IP66


High-grade spun copper shade and tubular copper stem; Pressure die-cast brass body and brass fixings; Heat resistant, frosted glass dome; Finned aluminium ground spike

Input Voltage: 12 volts – requires power from a remote transformer


Connect fitted 1.5m cable to low voltage supply cable by crimped heat shrink joint - order cable joint kit T9962 separately. Connect into a cable run supplying several fittings with a T9963 cable splice kit, which is also used for all connections where 4mm cable is used for longer cable runs. All joints must be made 100% water tight and we recommend using Magic Gel in the enclosure boxes. Where possible try to keep all joint and transformers above ground.

Example of transformer loading's

Item Specifications

colour: Natural Copper
Voltage: 12v
IP rating: IP 66
Materials: natural Copper
Height: 540mm
Dimensions: 540mm x 245mm x 75mm
Material Finish: Natural Copper
Bulb Type: G4
Warranty: 5 year