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  MP Gel - 100

MPGEL Re-enterable Clear Sealant which is mixed in the jug provided for pouring into ground-burial joints and enclosures requiring sealing against wicking. Sealant can be removed in case of future maintenance requirements .

Curing time @23c : 20 minutes 
No halogens and plasticizers 
Low curing temperature 
Mixing time 8 minutes
1ltr (2 x 500ml 50:50 mix)

 The unique cross linking polymer sets in 20 minutes creating huge labour saving advantages. The product also benefits from a zero shelf life providing less waste to the customer and can be used according to the amount required.

Other advantages also include: completely non toxic, unlike conventional potting materials, can be accidentally ingested with complete safety. No need for protective gloves. Can be used safely in unventilated and confined areas. Waste packaging can be disposed of in a normal manner; when mixed, the gel has more fluid characteristics than resin for example, enabling it to pour more easily and successfully reach confined areas within an enclosure, there is also no exothermic reaction during mixing.

The gel can be partially removed if necessary to change a configuration, then resealed by 'topping up' the gel, the gel has a high resistance to shock because of its flexibility, and increases resistance to water ingress as submersion depth increases. The cross linking process will complete even in sub zero conditions and is fully RoHS and WEE directive compliant.

The total 1ltr mix will do approx 6 number 100 x 100 junction boxes if not filled to the top.

We have no video in English of the Wiska MP Gel but we do have a video of the RayVac gel which is the same principal.



                                                   Technical Features and specification

  • No shelf life
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Cure time is within 20 minutes
  • Re-enterable
  • Higher IP rating than 68