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Hanging tree light, 12v, natural copper, IP44

Pergolight E8521 is a small MR16 20-35w 12v hanging downlight which can be strapped to a tree branch or suspended from a brass hook or bracket to illuminate a seating area or feature below. It has an open base and can accommodate a clip on MR16 accessory such as a frosted lens, glare louvre or colour filter use a spread lens over a hanging basket, a glare louvre or frosted lens over a seating area and a moonlighting filter for hanging from trees.Light is thrown down on to the floor or seating area below and a round circle of light is produced. The size of the circle is determined by the beam angle of the lamp you install. Can be used with standard low voltage MR16 lamps or a more ECO friendly MR16 LED lamp in warm white. These lights also look good suspended just above a veranda  for a soft evening light or suspended from a wrought iron  arm over a BBQ cooking area. There are other ground spike lights etc to complement this light fitting on our web site.

Energy saving lamp option

This fitting can also be used with an ECO friendly LED MR16 lamp if required. LED lamps offer energy savings over the traditional halogen GU10 lamps and are also cool to touch and safe around children. Warm white and cool white are available and the cool white works well when illuminating shrubs and trees where as the warm white works better on brickwork and wood.

Typical energy savings using LED lamps


Low voltage system

Low voltage is the safer option in the garden due to the ground being dug etc. You will need to use a transformer which matches the lamp voltage, for example if you had 6 fittings each with a MR16 35w lamp that would be 6 x 35w = 210 watts so you would need a transformer that was about 250 va as you need some spare capacity on it to function correctly. Standard MR16 low voltage lamps can use either an electronic or standard toroidal type transformer but if you decide to use LED lamps then they work best on the toroidal type transformer.

Example of transformer loadings



You will need to connect the light fittings via a 12v transformer as the diagram above.  The cables will need to be crimped with a heat shrink joint. (order cable joint kit T9962 separately). This will ensure a 100% watertight installation. The joining of cables outside is the weakest link in any installation and it is wise to keep all transformers and cables above ground where possible.

Please ensure that all cable joints and transformers are 100% watertight. There is a good selection of cable jointing kits and waterproof IP68 exterior transformers on this web site. It is advisable to use a certified NIC EIC electrical contractor who has previous experience with external lighting installations as the joints and cable etc are not the same as an interior lighting project.

Colour / Finish

Natural copper which blends well with any situation

IP rating



Powder coated Aluminium. Mounting ring for hook or strap fixing. Bezel is removable to allow lamp replacement.

Input voltage

12v volts – requires power from a remote transformer IP rated.

Lamp type

12v MR16 tungsten halogen reflector lamp or led module. Order lamp separately to suit application. 20w to 35w max. LED MR16 lamp options are also now available. Different beam angles will create different effects, for example a narrow beam angle will produce circles of light on the floor where as a wide beam angle 80 degree plus will give a softer flood effect on the pathway or eating area below.

Item Specifications

colour: Natural Copper, Silver Grey