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This 12v remote photocell is ideal for creating external low voltage photocell units within waterproof junction boxes or for integrating into 12v garden lights where a light sensor is required. Not only can it control your outdoor lighting systems, but also other 12v electrical equipment which may be required to run only at night time. Being integrated into a junction box creates a great versatile outdoor night sensor. It can be located at the start of a circuit to control everything, part way through to only control certain fittings - the possibilities are endless.

A photocell is in theory a light sensor, automatically turning your outdoor lights on at dusk and off again at dawn; a handy solution which also saves energy without the need to manually turn the lights off in the moment which can easily be forgotten. Night time lighting also adds security and safety around the home with the surrounding area being illuminated during darkness.

The internal photocell box is not waterproof it is only IP44 so must be located inside a waterproof box or fitting, however the protrusion of the sensor itself is IP44 and suitable to withstand outdoor weather conditions such as splashing water with the rubber washers sealing the exit hole. Both black and clear locking nuts and washers are supplied (interchangable).

  • Voltage: 12V AC/DC
  • Power Rating: 1500VA or 5A Inductive Load at 60uf
  • Max Wattage: Incandescent 60W / LED 30W / Energy Saver 15W
  • Switching level: 70 lux (approx.)
  • IP Rating: IP44 (waterproof)
  • Cables:
    • Box to Sensor - Live In (Brown), Live Out (Red)  approx. 450mm
    • Box to Connection Block - Live In (Brown), Live Out (Red), Neutral (Blue) approx. 450mm
  • Dimensions: Box = 42 x 42 x 30mm   /  Sensor = 26 x 26 x 22mm
  • Installation Hole Size: 20mm

Item Specifications

Installation depth: 20mm
IP Rating: IP44
Dimensions: Box = 42 x 42 x 30mm / Sensor = 26 x 26 x 22mm
power: 1500VA or 5A Inductive Load at 60uf
Watts: Max 30W