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Selene Solar Landscape Spot Lights (Set of 2) 90 lumens

With the introduction of the Selene spotlights, we put energy-efficient solar technology at your fingertips. This pair of solar-powered spotlights are a smart and beautiful way of dressing up your garden and keeping outdoor areas well lit without needing to have a socket nearby or digging up your garden.
The Selene stands out due to their sturdy construction and advanced technology. These spotlights have been crafted out of weatherproof materials to ensure that they will work under harsh winter weather conditions. Moreover, their industrial-grade aluminium body has been reinforced through a die casting process for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance.
Featuring wall, spike, and deck mounting options, this set of spotlights is truly versatile and can be placed virtually anywhere: walls, decks, flower beds, garden borders, and edges are some of the most common uses for these spotlights.
The Selene's incorporate advanced lighting technology that delivers superior brightness and an impressive beam range of 25 metres (82 feet). The powerful solar panel is fitted with high-efficiency solar cells and its position can be easily adjusted in order to maximise the amount of sunlight received. And with a total run time of up to 10 hours, the Selene's are all you need to keep outdoor areas well lit.

The Selene Solar Landscape spotlights have been designed in the UK having the needs of UK homeowners in mind. If you are after a lighting solution that combines better energy efficiency and a brighter output, you needn't look any further.

These solar spotlights have a 50mm diameter, which means they are slightly smaller than conventional spotlights, yet they can deliver a significantly better lighting output. This is possible thanks to a powerful 2.1W monocrystalline solar panel, which has a higher light-to-power conversion rate and can be up to 15 per cent more energy-efficient than other panels.

The Selene's compact solar panel absorbs all sunlight available and transfers it to the spotlights via a 5-metre long cable, giving you freedom to find the sunniest spot in your garden without having to move the spotlights around. For even greater convenience, both the spotlights and the solar panel are adjustable and can be tilted.

Each spotlight is fitted with three SMD LED lights, which deliver an intense beam of cool white light over a distance of 25 metres. Manual and automatic modes are available, and you will also be able to choose between wall-mounted installation or mount them on a stake for use in hard and soft surfaces.

Last but not least, the Selene come with three AA rechargeable batteries to keep your running costs down to zero.

The Kelvin colour temperature is between 6000k to 8000k very bright white.


Product ID: SS7570
Weight: 1.70 kg


Height: 40cm (spike mounted)
Height: 12cm (deck mounted)
Width:  9cm 
Depth: 17cm

Solar Panel
Height: 35cm (spike mounted)
Height: 6cm (deck mounted)
Width: 10cm 
Depth: 4.5cm

In the Box

  • Solar Panel with batteries included
  • Two Spotlights
  • 5m of cable to each light
  • Three deck mounts (1 for each of the spotlights and one for the solar panel)
  • Three Spikes (1 for each of the spotlights and one for the solar panel)
  • Six screws
  • Six rawl plugs
  • Instructions


Item Specifications

Voltage: 12v
IP Rating: IP44
Lumens: 90 lm
Colour Temperature: 5500K
Watts: 1.5W per head