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Sitra Cube Rust finish IP44 wall light 3000k 560 lumen x 2 mains 230v

The SITRA CUBE is available in 3 colour options, white anthracite and rust effect. There are two integral 10w 3000k warm white LED lamps included to power this up / down light. It has a clean square style  for the modern house.  Easy clean flat glass lens with 4 retaining screws. The light distribution is a wide beam projecting upwards and downwards and suitable for an entrance porch or perimeter wall lighting to illuminate a pathway below and the main fa├žade of the building. 

Please ensure that all exterior installations are carried out by a NIE EIC certified electrical contractor and that all cable joints are 100% water tight.

Colour Temperatures in Kelvin


Light output ( Lumens )

All lamps have a lumen number and the higher the lumen number the brighter the lamp, however colour of the lamp (kelvins ) also comes in to play here as a whiter lamp at 6,000 kelvins and above would always appear brighter to the naked eye than a warmer colour lamp at the 2,700 kelvins light spectrum even if it has the same lumen output.  A halogen 150w R7 lamp that is used in a standard garden security flood light would produce around 2,300 lumens and a 26w compact fluorescent would produce around 1,800 lumen.  Placing lights closer to the item to be illuminated is a good way of using a lower lumen lamp rather than trying to flood light a big area.

Environmental impact

Care should be taken for local wildlife, insects, and general light pollution,  this means the warmer colour spectrum ( 2, 700 kelvin )  does not interfere with insects and general wildlife as much as the blue spectrum ( 4,000 kelvin and above ). Cool white colours can disrupt insects and wildlife's  normal night time activity. This also applies to bats where a anti glare light fitting works better as well as reducing overall light pollution in the area.

Item Specifications

Beam Angle: 90 degree
colour: Rust
Weight: 0.945kg
Voltage: 100-277v 650/60Hz. 500mA
IP rating: IP 44
Width: 11.5 cm
Height: 11cm
Depth: 8.4cm
Lumens: 1120 lm
Material Finish: Aluminium & Glass
watts: 10 Watt
lamp life: 30,000 hrs
colour temperature: 3000k Warm White
Guarantee: 2 years
additional information: IK Rate IK05 (impact resistance)
Warranty: 2 Years