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Smartspot 240v - Copper IP65 GU10 - Adjustable Spot Wall Light -Available In 6 Colours and 12v and 240v

The Smartspot is an elegant and streamline copper outdoor spotlight with an adjustable head. It can be wall mounted as well as mounted onto posts. This GU10 spotlight has an up or down adjustment but can also be rotated a full 360 degrees by simply adjusting the securing allen screws at the side. 

Crafted from elegant natural copper, this outdoor spotlight has a traditional look and feel. Like most copper landscape lighting it will weather over time to create a charming natural effect that blends in with various outdoor surroundings. This organic effect on the natural copper happens because it reacts with atmospheric oxygen, and because of this, after longer periods of time a 'Verdigris' effect may be present. This oxide layer in fact prevents corrosion on lighting for gardens and simply adds to the character of the natural copper, creating a traditional, decorative appearance. If a pristine, shiny copper finish is preferred for any real copper outdoor lighting, a lacquer can easily be applied.

The longer than normal body on this adjustable spotlight can accommodate GU10 LED bulbs which often have longer bodies than the standard Halogen 240v bulbs.


Care must be taken when installing exterior lighting products especially those that are ground mounted. All the products are sold and tested fit for purpose and the IP rating is set according to the design and purpose of the luminaire, more details on IP ratings can be found under design ideas section. The weakest point is generally the installation of the product where adequate drainage has not been made for ground buried lights or poor cable joints have been made which are not 100% water tight and will allow for water penetration. There are a number of waterproof enclosures available on this site along with heat shrink cable joint kits and resin gel packs to fill the junction boxes to make a watertight enclosure. Where possible try and keep all joints and transformers above ground, however if this is not possible there are potted burial kits available.

Lamp colour ( Kelvins )

Lamp colour is determined by the Kelvins and a lamp which is  2700 kelvin  is classed as warm white and sympathetic to skin tones and warm brickwork. A kelvin of 6500k is in the  blueish white spectrum and works well against a white background and will appear brighter to the naked eye than the warm colour spectrum.

Item Specifications

Colour: White, Silver, Brown, Black
Voltage: 240v, 12v
Max wattage: 35W
IP Rating: IP65
Materials: Copper
Bulb Type: GU10
additional information: Tempered Glass Diffuser
Warranty: 2 Years