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The SolarEye® 80 is an extremely cost effective way of delineating cycle tracks & pedestrian footpaths without the need for expensive hard wiring. Designed, developed & tested in the UK to operate effectively in Western European weather conditions, the SolarEye® 80 is a guidance device and acts as a marker light.

Carrying CE accreditation as well as IP68 continuous immersion in water, the SolarEye 80 is the perfect product for providing a safe route for cyclists and pedestrians.

Can be used for cycle tracks, pedestrian walkways, car parks, driveways for golf courses, boat marinas, dock areas, caravan and camp site areas.

In conservation areas we are able to provide a Bat friendly option that reduces upwards light spillage to the minimum achievable making it a friendlier option for flying mammals.

Minimum order of  20 and ordered in multiples of 20

SolarEye® 80 8yrs + anticipated life – 360 degree visibility –  visible up to 500m  -  simple installation – extremely durable – environmentally friendly – UK designed

Dimensions 27mm depth, 80mm width below ground, Bezel 6mm thickness above ground.

Guarantee: 1 year

LED signal: Steady or slow flash

Standard colours: White steady or Red flash

Material: High impact durable engineering grade polymer

Skid resistant

Light Source: LED (100,000hrs life) Cool White

Battery: Long life  LFP (8 years + anticapated)

Working Temperature: 20c to + 70c

Body dimensioins: 80mm diameter

Installed height: 6mm nominal

Milling depth: 27mm

Weight: 275g

Working time after full charge: Flashing 400hrs+ steady 200hrs+

Light sensitive auto on/off for economical operation

Flash rate: 1 sec on, 1 sec off.

Waterproof quality: IP68

High visibility: up to 500m

Suitable for Low Traffic Areas.


Installation advice

When you receive the SolarEye 80, the batteries will probably be completely discharged.

Full operational performance (200+ hour's non-stop) will not be achieved until the batteries have been fully charged in direct sunlight which can take up to 8 hours.

For installation during winter months therefore, expect a slow build up to full performance - until the batteries gradually charge up.

All Solar powered products need exposure outdoors to direct sunlight to function correctly - so be sure to take this into account when selecting the positioning for the SolarEye product.

Placement in areas of shade, or where the product becomes covered by debris/leaves or rubbish, may not allow the batteries to recharge correctly - adversely affecting performance.

Remember that the Solareye 80 has 1 central LED - so it is non directional. It has been designed to provide a good signal throughout 360 degrees i.e. from all approach anges/directions.

This unique omnidirectional delineation signal, ensures economic usage and wide marker visibility for both pedestrians and cyclists outlining the curvature/direction of the path ahead up to 500m.

If you have a large project relating to the installation of 100 or more of these fittings and wish to have them installed, please call us to confirm the quantity and the surface in which they will be installed and the location of the installation. We will then come back to you with costs.

It is not a luminaire to create a pool of light to illuminate a structure, it acts much like cats eyes in the road and will only provide a marker guidance light.