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Solar LED wall light in white with built in solar panel and PIR function

Our latest new white solar wall light with PIR with cool white 6000k colour temperature. Giving out an amazing 560 lumens. 
Ideal for porch areas to illuminate entrances and with the built in solar panel on top and PIR function. Ideal for those long winter nights and where you don't require any mains cabling.  Simply just screw into place using the enclosed fixings with the fitting and off you go.

The fitting has three function modes which can be selected from the tiny white button next to the circular PIR sensor.

Mode A - Provides 100% brightness as a dusk to dawn sensor and will remain at full brightness until dawn or if there is insufficient power.

Mode B - Provides 100% brightness when someone is detected and then reverts to 25% brightness after 10 seconds once no one is detected. This then just acts as a dusk to dawn fitting providing 25% illumination and preserving the battery power to function longer.

Mode C - Provides 100% brightness when someone is detected and remains on for 10 seconds until no one is detected and then will go off. This means the fitting will only act as a PIR fitting to come on once it detects someone within it's 12m range.

The solar light uses 6w of power and the unit consists of 36 Epistar SMD 2835 chips.  The lumen output is an amazing 560 lumens.  IP 65 rated. 

Charging time is approximately 8 hours and the fitting can illuminate up to a maximum of 10 hours on a full charge.  Please be mindful that the solar fitting should be placed in a south facing spot to benefit from the maximum of sun exposure during the day.  Also if there are a number of overcast days the number of hours of illumination can be limited too.

The working temperature of the fitting is from -20° to 45°.

The solar panel is 5.5v 2.5w Polycrystalline silicon and the product dimension sizes are 210mm x 115mm x 85mm. 
The battery is a built in 3.7v/4400mAh Lithium battery. Non replaceable. 

The sensor range is 120° and the PIR detection distance is up to 12m.

The fitting comes with a 1 year warranty. Battery lifetime tested for charging more than 1000 times.

Lamp colour ( Kelvins )

The colour of a lamp is defined as a measurement called kelvins. A standard GLS light bulb in your house would be 2,700 kelvins which is in the warm colour spectrum and a lamp with 6,000 kelvins would be at the very cold white spectrum. Getting the right colour temperature of a lamp does matter as the warm colour wavelength helps to soften skin tones and gives a warm soft relaxed feel and at the other end of the scale a 4,000 to 6,000 kelvin lamp colour  would be used in offices or at fast food restaurants to make you feel less comfortable and relaxed and feel more alert. There’s nothing that can sour your opinion of a compact fluorescent  or LED lamp like buying a 4000K or 5000K bulb when you meant to buy a 2700K bulb, or vice-versa. When you buy a new, energy efficient bulb, keep your application and colour scheme in mind and make sure to buy the bulb with a colour temperature to match.  


Item Specifications

colour: white
LED: 36 pcs Epistar SMD 2835
IP rating: IP 65
Dimensions: 210mm x 115mm x 85mm
Lumens: 560 lumens
watts: 6 Watt
colour temperature: 6000k Cool White
Warranty: 12 Months