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Surface-mount Exterior Transformer - 12v ac - 10va

The T9501 Elipta surface-mount 12v weatherproof wire-wound (magnetic)transformers is resin-potted into black polycarbonate boxes, for mounting on a walls or post hidden behind planting and landscape features, under decking or in outbuildings.

Each transformer has a self-resetting thermal cut-off to protect against overload, 1m mains input cable and 60cm 12v output cable for connection using seperate weatherproof junction boxes (cable & connections carrying defferent voltages must be segregated).

Both cables enter the case at the same end, allowing neat connection into junction boxes below when mounted on a post. The T9501 can be mounted to a 3" fence post or T9599 Stainless steel spikes are optional.

Colour/Finish: Black Dimensions: H 64mm W 55mm D 55mm (fixing centres 45mm x 72mm) IP Rating: IP66

Construction: Wire wound (magnetic)transformer resin-potted into a black polycarbonate box, with a 1m mains input cable and 60cm 12v low voltage cable Input Voltage: 240v input Watts: 10va. Will power 1x 10w lamp
Installation: Connect 1 metre mains cable into a weatherproof junction box and 60cm low voltage cable with a T9962 cable joint kit.

Item Specifications

Voltage: 12V ac
IP rating: IP 66
Prod Voltage: 20va, 100va, 150va, 10va, 40va, 60va
mounting: Surface mounted