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Truro Solar Motion Light

Made from high quality stainless steel, this stylish warm white solar light is perfect for illuminating walls, fences, doorways, entrances and pathways. The Truro is completely solar powered, wireless, weatherproof, fully automatic and easy to install. The Truro Solar Motion Light only illuminates when it detects motion so we have been able to make it 50% brighter than the Truro Solar Wall Light which is designed to stay on all night.

12 Month Warranty

Features a 12 month warranty as standard.

No Mains

This light is solar powered and does not require mains power to work.

Works in Winter

A well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions.

500 Triggers Per Night

Once motion is detected, this light can activate up to 500 times a night.

Item Specifications

Weight: 0.46 Kg
IP rating: IP 44
Height: 127mm
Depth: 89mm
width at top: 118mm