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This electrical gel sets in just under 10 minutes and also benefits from a zero shelf life resulting in less waste to the customer. The MP Gel has many advantages such as it’s completely non toxic (unlike conventional potting materials) and therefore no need for protective gloves. It can be used safely in unventilated and confined areas. When mixed, the Wiska MP Gel is more fluid than some resins which enables it to reach confined areas within an enclosure with ease. The gel can be re-entered and partially removed if necessary and can be resealed by topping up the gel, the gel has a high resistance to shock because of its flexibility, and increases resistance to water ingress as submersion depth increases. It has an ingress of IP68.

Technical Specifications:

  • Kit: 300ml (2x 150ml bottles)
  • Dielectric Strength: 24,5kV/mm
  • Mixing Ratio: 1:1
  • Pot life at 23 C: 8 min
  • Cure time at 23 C: 20 min
  • Colour: Clear
  • IP Rating: IP68


  • Non toxic (directive CE 67/548/CEE o 1999/45/CE)
  • Re-enterable
  • Pours easily
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long Lasting - no shelf life

Item Specifications

IP rating: IP 68
size: 1 Litre, 300 ml